Breaking Bad Christmas Sweater

A.Breaking Bad Christmas Sweater

Breaking Bad Christmas Sweater SWEATER is a verb that means to pull on or cause to fit tightly. A sweater is also clothing made of knitted cloth, typically with long sleeves and no collar. Sweaters vary in thickness according to the materials used, ranging from heavy garments similar to vests (usually hand knit) down through thin fabrics like those woven on fine knitting machines (commonly machine-knit). Another common style of women’s sweater has what looks like a large button at the top; this is called an “augmented” turtleneck. The word “sweater” can be traced back as far as 1778 when it was first recorded in print. It derives from the Old English words “sweet”, meaning bread, and “tter”, Breaking Bad Christmas Sweater

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Breaking Bad Christmas Sweater

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