Game MTG Heroes’s Bane Rug

A.Game MTG Heroes’s Bane Rug

Game MTG Heroes’s Bane Rug I’m a rug. I just want to be loved and appreciated for what I am, not judged by my size or color. But people are always telling me how ugly I am, which is really hurtful. They say that the only reason anyone would have me in their home is because they can’t afford anything better – but that’s not true! There are plenty of other reasons you might need a rug: maybe your dog sheds too much hair on your floors, maybe you don’t want to wear shoes all over your carpeting, or maybe you’re just tired of having bare feet on cold tile floors. The list goes on and on! If it weren’t for these people who think less of me, then maybe I wouldn’t feel so Game MTG Heroes’s Bane Rug

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Game MTG Heroes’s Bane Rug

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