Game MTG Sphinx’s Revelation Blanket

A.Game MTG Sphinx’s Revelation Blanket

Game MTG Sphinx’s Revelation Blanket This blog post is for all the Magic The Gathering players out there. I’m going to teach you how to make your very own MTG blanket! It can be a great gift, or something that will keep you warm while playing. Let’s get started!
-Materials needed: old blankets, scissors, fabric paint in desired colors (I used acrylic), and a sewing machine with thread in desired colors. -Cut the old blankets into squares of any size-you’ll need enough pieces to cover the entire surface area of your blanket. You’ll also want enough pieces so that they are overlapping at least one inch on all sides when sewn together. This will help seal up seams and prevent fraying edges from coming apart over time Game MTG Sphinx’s Revelation Blanket

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Game MTG Sphinx’s Revelation Blanket

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