Hellboy Christmas Sweater

A.Hellboy Christmas Sweater

Hellboy Christmas Sweater What does one think of when they hear the word sweater? Warm, cozy, winter-time? What if I said that wearing a sweater could actually be harmful to your health. Sweaters are very popular in the winter time but there is an epidemic of people who have been diagnosed with asthma because they wear them all year round. Asthma has become more prevalent over the past few years and some scientists speculate it may be due to “global warming” or climate change. Some doctors believe that this might happen because as global temperatures rise, moisture also rises causing mold spores to grow on clothing items like sweaters which can trigger asthma attacks for those who are sensitive. Others say that wearing sweaters too often can cause hair follicles under your arms Hellboy Christmas Sweater

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Hellboy Christmas Sweater

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