Naruto & Kurama Christmas Sweater

A.Naruto & Kurama Christmas Sweater

Naruto & Kurama Christmas Sweater This blog post is about the word sweater. It has many meanings, but I’ll talk about what it means to me. When I think of a sweater, I think back to my childhood when my mom would make sweaters for me with yarn and needles. We would sit together on the couch in the evenings after school, watching tv while she knit away-she was so patient with me as a young child! Nowadays kids are too busy playing outside or doing their homework, they don’t have time for crafts like this anymore 🙁 The word “sweater” also makes me think of woolen clothes that people wear during wintertime because it’s cold outside. Finally, there are some sweaters that are just knitted squares Naruto & Kurama Christmas Sweater

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Naruto & Kurama Christmas Sweater

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