NFL Chicago Bears Fleece Hoodie

A.NFL Chicago Bears Fleece Hoodie

NFL Chicago Bears Fleece Hoodie Many people love the feeling of a fleece hoodie. They are soft and cozy, perfect for cold days when you want to curl up on the couch with some hot chocolate or tea. But what makes them so great? What is it about these hoodies that make them so comfortable and warm, even in the springtime? The secret lies in how they are made. Fleece fabric typically has two types of fibers: cut-pile (napped) fiber and loop pile (non-napped) fiber. These fibers create an uneven surface that traps air inside its tiny crevices to keep your body warmer than if you were wearing just one type of fiber. The napped fibers also give fleece its signature fuzzy texture NFL Chicago Bears Fleece Hoodie

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NFL Chicago Bears Fleece Hoodie

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