Cowboy it’s not a phase it’s my life poster

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Cowboy it’s not a phase it’s my life poster · 0:28 Great show by WHO…….. The whole world is eying on WHO…….Now the corona,s end very near.   · 26:01 It’s v sad, today one of my previous company’s colleague passed away because of Covid 19, when will get proper treatment to out of it..   · 21:49 Watching from Kenya. Tobacco is such a hot potato. WHO should go on a charm offensive to highten awareness..   · 0:00 As a matter of fact,I’m sure that it’s very very difficult for ones who enjoy it to quit tobacco in time of covid 19..   · 19:06 Tobacco cultivation should be stopped throughout the whole world.   · 8:13 Which impact does tobacco plays in the body.   · 40:53.   · 26:53.   · 45:05.   · 9:26. I pray for you .   · 0:00 Good evening(WHO). Thank you very much.. Deepa Parthasarathy   · 19:38.   · 18:17.   · 8:06.   · 41:34

Cowboy it’s not a phase it’s my life poster

Cowboy it's not a phase it's my life poster A1

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Cowboy it’s not a phase it’s my life poster

Cowboy it's not a phase it's my life poster A2

Where is your mask. Let people go back to work. When it’s SAFE means NEVER.. It would have been prevented if the WHO would have fought for it’s believes on the sugar intake in 2015, but money and interest won at the WHO … See more
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Cowboy it's not a phase it's my life poster A3