Farm girl into the barn canvas

Farm girl into the barn canvas

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You’re incredible. You have so much to be proud of yourself for on and off the pitch. Let’s start 2021 with a win xx. Happy new year Marcus, i wish i could have that opportunity to do same for my country, you are a great person, a leader, thanks for all that you have done for those children out there, just know that you are a hero. Love you Brother.. Happy New Year! Thank you for putting our children first, for fighting for them and being so resilient!! You’re a star! Xx. I am an avowed supporter of Chelsea FC but I sincerely think you’re a great guy with a pure heart. The Leipzig hat trick won’t be your last, many more to come. May God bless you and your household. Well done on a year of so much achievements….you are our best. Hope the brings you many more achievements. You are hope for my sons. They love you and everything you do. I am glad they live in a generation where people like you are their inspiration. Farm girl into the barn canvas

Farm girl into the barn canvas

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Thank u Doctor Marcus Rashford and indeed i can confirm to u that the pain has successfully arrived at Kaiyoko khoi khoi confused broken bridge somewhere in London who thought it was a draw.We are united ,we score when we feel like .Thank u Rashy for g… See more. Title winning teams find a way of winning matches even when they don’t play their best. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come. GGMU . Rashy, thank you for the finish. Everything is forgiven. Being able win even when you’re not playing particularly well is a hallmark of champions. I believe a trophy beckons this season.. My golden boy you are the best just improve in terms of releasing the ball and be committed. Kind of a poor game but that is forgiven because of the winning goal . Come back stronger agian. Great result pal, tell Martial he needs your work rate. He is a great player who just needs to run for the team like Cavani did tonight Farm girl into the barn canvas

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