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Friends quotes poster

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This would be better if it was KOTD, not URL . Damn my baby needs competition not embarrassment that’s the way I feel….. URL and Caffeine sounds like my weekends. DARK LANE DEMO TAPES OUT @ MIDNIGHT! . I have confident that your gonna win this..mean while all the best in your career… More Grace to you drake,keep it up,u really inspired me to love through, drake gods plans official video,am really exited about the video.. in the company armorcast was fast paper informed they were also with them baby having permission or anyting the acknowledged they didn’t have any permission they definitely were not give me any medical victim in a case Drake Diddy Quincy Usher NYPD 5 P… See More Friends quotes poster

Friends quotes poster

Friends quotes poster 1

I love your music although I don’t speak English. Drake you ‘re the best and in drc we love you so mush. Hi Drake i love you so much,like crazy you know, you are my favorite best,i would like to get to know you more there by see meet my friend drop give me your line i want to tell you something very important. Drizzy i im big fan of your music mn when iz the new tracks are coming out. Music is what the Almighty God have give to u Drake’s break all protocols in music bro. Whoa, that’s the best new art concept you can think of, huuh, congratulations for being up to speed. TV TV, keep its gonna be the best thing ever for hip hop lovers.. Ideally need your help with heàling and some things please. Hi drake indeed your help i need to finish my secondary school and i am 17yrs old please help me Friends quotes poster

Friends quotes poster

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Drake am from Nigeria . Please help bring awareness and financial support to ReachBack Foundation Inc.We do not charge for any of the food or essential items we have. Our food events are only done is distressed and poor communities. We are in desperate need of financial suppo… See More
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You don't stop sailing when you get old you get old when you stop sailing poster

Dark we love YOU. great . This is a big turning point for those who are passionate but not qualified and qualified.. DRIZZY WE LOVE YOUR MUSIC IN SOUTH AFRICA ANS AND I WISH U HAVE PAY VISITING HERE (MZANSI). Listen to Mula Zoe -Snakes Feat JumpOutDraco by Mula Zoe on #SoundCloud. Drake hor are the best in the world. The love i have for drake going to name my son drake. Am Eastwood from Ghana Drake ….love you so much…u got my massive love. Drake you are a great person and I love you for that. We gone be paid Drake dam I made it. drake my name is william flomo c.k.a:TOOMUCH thanks for the development i personally love rap battles and music i got u.100%bro. I really deed your help with something….please. Drake music is my best song. You are crazy?please drak give what we won’t very very music

People don’t even know they floating away
to a place called fear
where they’ll all gonna stay
,is this the first wave
, or is there more on the way
, just keep your Faith
and something over your face

#st… See More
STAY IN YA YARD_WAJANJEZNATION_GABS RANGE_OXLADE(Nobody knows xaway)QuarantineEdition Prd.Zjstamrare. Thanks Drake I’m Young Diego i rap, I followed months ago cause you the best from South Africa if you say so I’m going to save this post of yours it sound interesting.. thanks. How much you need BRO? Dont you have enough?????????????? Saw you temple, you know the 1 that represents the NORTH, you are always welcome at my “temple”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you should come to MINE today, not to far away, lol should that matter. It is my b… See More. Please someone help me due to the shutdown cause by the pandemic I can go out to hustle hunger want finished no money to buy food please help a brother