Hippie girl humanity love peace poster

Hippie girl humanity love peace poster

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It’s time to give thanks for all the little things.
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The only reason this is acceptable is because the government wants the tax from it, The end.. Bojan Trpevski. I am a chain smoker.Generally 20 cigars aday.I find it very hard to let go my addiction.. Then please create a medicine or procedure that works to stop smoking.. Health is wealth so far so good when you study the history of Benson and hedges one head can’t work it better in union that it the reason why Benson and hedges you are still hearing there name up to date. I had been a smoker 20yrs . I JUST quit 3 weeks ago. There are times I still want a dang cig. Lol. I dont hate or judge either way of u smoke or not.. How about if WE the American people decide what is essential to our well being. Minding you own effing business is essential!. That’s How felt fist time Hippie girl humanity love peace poster

Hippie girl humanity love peace poster

Hippie girl humanity love peace poster A1

Ali Hamza Hippie girl humanity love peace poster Yup to smoke is not only great threatening for the smoker but also for others because indirectly smoking named as”passive smoking”is also alarming. Smoking is my right, my body my lungs i adhere to your social distancing sooooo if you dobt like my smoke go and invade someone elses space. Stop tobacco use in public areas and also stop using of plastic shopping bags . “Not necessary for survival” and “not essential” ring as two entirely different things to my sensibilities – one fundamental to life and the fundamental to lifestyle. I see even WHO not essential during this pandemic. Anyone else?. India has banned vaping but cigarette smoking is permitted. A kind of warped thinking!!!. UN has okeyed cannabis, marijuana.. If it’s so bad why isn’t the government shutting down the tabacco companies? Why are they instead trying to control the people?. Smoking is bad for the health.Better quit while thete is still time.

Hippie girl humanity love peace poster

Hippie girl humanity love peace poster A2

they can convince by speaking but not by behavior. how could they not wear masks at a distance and space closed !!!. Well now caution is not necessary, the situation is normal.. Absolutely true wearing a face mask and regularly hand wash and good message to people…… Raj Rama
Please wear a good #mask and protect yourself and others around you…
Pause GIF. WHO is up to their neck involved with China.Go away.. God bless you all doctor’s across the world because you prevent us all from this pandemic nd this be harsh truth we lost some everything particularly so much human beings wealth, bussiness and e.t.c are coming back but which lives we lost not come to a… See more. Only onthing is solution that is be a vegetarian and mediation daily meditation means obverving your natural breathing that’s only then you will be healthy this is the only way now days situation

Hippie girl humanity love peace poster A3