Music is what feelings sound like poster

Music is what feelings sound like poster

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Please each and evevery people be aware from covid 19 and follow all the guide lines by the UNICEF .I HEARTLY THANKS TO UNICEF.. WHO, Thank You very much for the guidance and keeping us all safe around the world. Music is what feelings sound like poster Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!. TAIWAN CAN HELP. Lets have always Physical distancing…and always wash your hands……. Yeah the mask is important but our prime minister in Québec each time he make a speech he pull off is mask. He don’t understand it when you talk you infected the room if you got the virus so in that case you need to wear the mask when you talk to someo… See more. What is COVID.comedy of viral international Drama .. Cuckoo Buwan No one can protect you. Bt…U … ONLY U …CAN .. Definately these guidelines are issued after research n adivice of top virologists. TAIWAN. Thanks to UNICEF, To aware the people in the whole world from COVID-19 that how can it be avoided?

Music is what feelings sound like poster

Music is what feelings sound like poster A1

Being positive and strong is solution , keep spreading positivity and the world will heal fear multiples fear positivity with little precaution will bring this to end …. Yes it’s really good habits in your regular life wash the hands .every time keep neat and clean for safe your life. Good preventive guidelines. Whatever possible now should be done on priority to save lives.. Sure And také the vaccines as First please. You all from Who And your families!!. Absolutely true- wearing a face mask matters, washing hands regularly matters, keep social distancing matters. Mabitleng Rasisila. I’m wearing my mask, practice social distancing and 6′ apart.. You know what’s going to make a real difference??? COVID-Like Symptoms . WHO please spare us the horror and let the respective governments do their job.. Right! If we think for present then future will be automatically bright and healthy… Healthy present, healthy future!!!! Music is what feelings sound like poster

Music is what feelings sound like poster

Music is what feelings sound like poster A2

Marissa Ballestero
I don’t smoke because my Pepal died from lung cancer(caused by smoking from what I was told was multiple packs a day) when I was really little and it took me 2 years to realize he wasn’t comong back. My memal also suffers from COPD now from the second … See more. I smoked for 25 years. I never realized how awful it stunk till I quit. Within 3 months of quitting my skin color was much better than ever and I stopped coughing. Food tasted better too. That was 35 years ago I quit. I can’t stand the smell of it… See more. It’s entirely essential for my sanity, thankyou . What about the poisons that are added to our daily lives? I’m dying from Ovarian and Colon cancer. Most of the deaths around me where caused by Cancer or Chemo and Alcohol.. As a nurse for 20 yrs I’ve seen some pretty horrible things caused by tabacco. It’s sad it’s so addictive and so toxic.

Music is what feelings sound like poster A3