Now I lay me down to sleep doormat

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Paul Carr‪End of the day if the run had count then the Sox win 6-5 instead of 6-4 was it a lucky break, yes, but thems the breaks! Karma for the Tropicana ring call in Game 1 ‬ rules are rules. 11 . Tom CostaIt was a ground rule double. Period 17 . Glen W. BurrWow!This even impressed a Mariners fan!Way to go Boston!!!4 . Kathy WeirRays got robbed 45 . Jairo MartinezIt was a double by the rule stop crying Tampa fans15 . Chris GrubeThe Rays got hosed 15 . Chris HallMLB IS A JOKE!!! Rigged for real29 . Kevin EverittThey should’ve changed the verbiage of this rule years ago.4 . Joshua ZechmanWhat a rip off!21 . Tiffani AnthonyThey cheat just like the Yankees20 . Patricia Oxley UllrichToo bad most of us (even those of us who bought a season subscription) couldn’tsee it.9 . 邱冠承Rays fans: We got ROBBED!!Yeah. Keep thinking and talking about that in your winter vacation which will start soon9  Now I lay me down to sleep doormat

Now I lay me down to sleep doormat

Chiaki Asahararays got robbed8 . Christopher WeberWhat a crock of 10 . Bri JonesThey followed the rule but still a crappy way to end the game. Boston had a lot of luck on their side tonight. 20 . Vj SierraRays got hosed with that ground rule double call. Great game bs ending!42 . Fred WelchWhat a joke! 10 . Melanie BallantyneWell done Boston!! Fantastic game by 2 great teams!! That’s what it’s all about!! Love this game!!  . Dizi AreWhat a game is right ! we saw a little bit of everything ! It doesn’t matter at the end who won ,well it kind of does I’m happy with the results , but wow , what a game !!! I loved it !  . Christopher ThiesenGreat game. Too bad we had to listen to Smoltz babbling through the whole game.He just might be as annoying as A-Rod !!!!! . Jorge LizarragaOk. The players hit the ball into the wall and then hit the ground and then hit the player and go back out to the field. So when the ball hit the wall and hit the ground it’s a double and then when the ball hit the player and go out of the field it’s a dead ball. So they had the wrong call.   Now I lay me down to sleep doormat

Now I lay me down to sleep doormat

Now I lay me down to sleep doormat

The stolen base in the extras was a terrible call too. And they went to review and somehow still called the Rays runner out. Oh well, play on, great game either way. This was an egregious call! Since it bounced off the outfielder and into the stands, the man on first who was running on 3-2 should have been allowed to score. MLB wants the Red Sox to win. There is nothing they would like better than a Boston LA world series. It’s a rule of the game, whether you like it or not. Do you know what else is a rule? Not being able to argue a batter swinging a bunt on a 3rd strike. These are rules. Sometimes they help you, sometimes they hurt you, however, they went to NY for a ruling, and were given the rule. A ground rule double. End of story.. The Sox act like they just won the WS!!! Lol The Rays will take over this series, mark my words!!! Go Rays


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