Tall Tree In Forest Through Rustic Window Canvas

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Bad news is how would anyone know who has or hasn’t been vaccinated??I think the people that don’t want to get the vaccination also don’t want to wear a mask! 238 . Obby Solomon SiamusowaWhat criteria have you used to prove that everyone has been vaccinated. I need some explanation Joe120 . Mariajc ArroyoThis bad decision little kids are not vaccinated yet. I will continue wearing my mask, and social distancing.891 . Jim HoldenThis was a “great day” for anti-vaxxers/anti-maskers. They just received permission to go outside and gather maskless/no social distancingand none of us vaccinated folks will have a clue who they are. Also, a horrible day for immune compromised i 345 . Jennifer BenningtonYou just made the world a whole lot more dangerous for kids not yet eligible, and high risk. You just lost a third generation democrat. I have never felt more betrayed by someone I had put so much faith in. 345  Tall Tree In Forest Through Rustic Window Canvas

Tall Tree In Forest Through Rustic Window Canvas

Tall Tree In Forest Through Rustic Window Canvas

I’m fully vaccinated, but I plan to keep wearing a mask in public areas. I’d rather be safe than sorry.493 . Jennifer Douglaswhat about the kids who cannot get the Vaccine ? cause of health reason ? and they are some adults who have not been wearing a facemask for a long time anyway.65 . Erlinda Magsalay MamhotVaccine is not 100 protection ,mask is still needed until herd immunity will be attained. I think I will continue to wear mine for a while longer, I work in a retail environment. Can’t help but feeling like people will exploit the crap out of this! 149 . Janet ChupkaI don’t like this at all!! I am fully vaccinated but my little grandchildren are not!! Not wearing a mask is an unnecessary risk!! I will continue to wear my mask and social distance for the safety of others!!! There are too many unvaccinated individua Tall Tree In Forest Through Rustic Window Canvas

Tall Tree In Forest Through Rustic Window Canvas

Tall Tree In Forest Through Rustic Window Canvas

James FountainFrom the CDC “Fully vaccinated people should not visit private or public settings if they have tested positive for COVID-19 in the prior 10 days or are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Fully vaccinated people should continue to follow any applicable fed 90 . Sybille YatesThis will cost so many lives!198 . Badar Nawaz KhanTrue leader who is standing with his people in every situation than criticism thank Joe Biden May u live to comeback for the second term of office Americans did a brilliant idea to elect you247 . Dylan BowenWhy you wearing a mask outside 117 . Christine Haider-WinnettToday’s a terrible day for parents of young children everywhere. Unless everyone needs to show proof of vaccination to enter a restaurant, zoo, grocery store, train, plane, or church I guess people that can’t be vaccinated yet will just have to stay ho 213 . Gisele Guimarães Serra SalumIf I were fully vaccinated and living in the States, I would keep wearing a mask in enclosed public places for a while.

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