BEST AC DC band Album covers 3D Quilt

A.BEST AC DC band Album covers 3D Quilt

BEST AC DC band Album covers 3D Quilt A signature quilt may contain several embroidered images or a signed block. It is often made by a group of friends, who each make a block for the top. The quilts are commonly used for fundraising purposes by church groups and the Red Cross. These quilts are embroidered or sewn, and the individual blocks can be made using fabric scraps from the friend’s home. The signature quilt may also have additional quilting techniques like stippling and stitch in the ditch. Stippling fills the background spaces and creates surface texture. Another technique, called stitch in the ditch, involves placing quilting stitches into the “ditch” created by the block pieces. This stitch in the ditch creates an echo effect in the block pattern. BEST AC DC band Album covers 3D Quilt

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