Cardinal I can only image poster

Cardinal I can only image poster

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Cardinal I can only image poster · 16:32 I feel it takes longer for someone to see nerve damage, I talked to a doctor one time and he said nerve damage.   · 35:25 In the being GOD made enough for all, we are the ones who took from others for ourselves and made it to where there isn’t enough for all. Judea I. Lawton   · 3:11 Watching from Washington, D.C. Thank you for this update..   · 19:26 And here in South Africa the Government is cancelling The Red Cross Contract Air Emergencies in Durban? At a time when we need the Red Cross efforts the most!.   · 15:30 Plz tell us how long we have to suffer.It’s getting harder everyday..   · 15:28 Stay safe and well take care god bless.   · 1:04:03 yes, meant each part got responsible and conduct their people at least understanding problem and support using or life on rule covid 19….. Elaine Bruce   · 22:35 Thank you WHO ♡ THANKS SEEM TOO SMALL. I am doing my best effort, please everyone, do your bit to keep us ALL safe

Cardinal I can only image poster

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Judith HoyrupWhat about hard working people who pay taxes , why aren’t we being supported instead of being herded like a bunch of sheep and fined or jailed because we want our small businesses and restaurants to open…. give us a break WHO are you???165 . Lexine Dagenais Oliveiralet’s not mistake legal entrants for those who cross over our borders illegally. Don’t reward lawlessness.112 . Darren KempGet in touch with the church, they have more than enough money to help everyone out.48 . Sandy Massa“New Normal” …Hah! No such thing! Stop forcing it down our throats!106 . Dave DevenneIt sure couldn’t be more exclusive…38 . Dragana Emma ZamfirBring the “old normal” back!!!82 . Leader AbdelilahOf course they are suffering now but how do we can extricate them from this misfortunes they are? And where do we can find them for benevolence I think it’s difficult situations to do19 . Ethan GourleyEmpty words as long as china is left I touched…47  Cardinal I can only image poster

Cardinal I can only image poster

Cardinal I can only image poster A2

Appreciated all efforts taken by WHO against pandemic, great job

OUR country .

Interesting to hear your thoughts from all over the world. Hope you all stay safe and remain healthy. And if having caught the disease getting well soon!. Scott Dowell

As a nation as a whole I thank everyone that is risking it all to help this mighty nation..

The WHO are responsible for crimes upon crimes against humanity . Lubna Jamal


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