Landslide I took my love lyrics poster

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It’s being created polticaly by inadequate valuation of commodities of farm primary products.. And as Miss America would say “to world Peace”.. Khadga Bhattarai. Why don’t you try to feed the Hungry people with good food and water with those money which are Invested in Vaccines and other Corporate things? . ,how much money did the pharmacy companies have given to you. Yes we must focus on equality n opportunity for all. it would be a better situation. SIR JI VACCINES WILL COME OUT THIS MONTH END WEEK. IF YES PLS REPLY YES IF NO PLS SAY NO WORLD NEED ONE WORD’S.. MORAL ALL ARE NOT HAVING PROVINCE WHAT GOVT DEPT IS HAVING.. LORD WORLD LORD SAVE YOUR FAMILY’S JI LORD JI. You are solely responsible for the pandemic. Proud of organisation……….. I actually call it ignorance. As humans we’ve become greedy and spoilt.. Look – start at the top. Take as much money from the person who has the most. Then the next. Then the next. Then the next. Then the next. Etc etc etc. And pass it out to everyone at the very bottom. And then the one right above them. And then above the… See more Landslide I took my love lyrics poster

Landslide I took my love lyrics poster

Landslide I took my love lyrics poster A1

Let’s make Health for all Happen.. Health is complete status of physical,mental,social,spiritually , well-being.. Salute to all the staff for their hardwork,may the good lord give you wisdom and conscience Landslide I took my love lyrics poster Enabling humanity the right to access the transparency on prescribe drugs especially on vaccination . The Headquarters are in Geneva. So thankful to live in Canada.. Always welcome for health advice to the World. Yeah you just have to wait three months and then you’re dead appointment was the next day. It good this :. #GyoCannabisOrganically and use as much food you take organically, as pesticides are not good imo.. You mean “Deathcare” this isn’t “Healthcare”. Ishk Thilakarathna. No they don’t. Over 1/2 of the citizens don’t have health benefits because they can’t afford a $200+ month premium . Most well come ” Universal Health Coverage Day ! Always we are needs for health advice to the world .. All this but not when and where or not free medicines and vaccines (like not) here in Canada

Landslide I took my love lyrics poster

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Yh but government and elites don’t know what it’s like to be hungry.. Very True due to CARONA people R living in dire CIRCUMSTANCES n lock down made life a MISERY n SENIOR CITIZENS r Totally HANDICAPPED they can’t TRAVEL by TRAINS n BUSSES n THEY R TOTALLY IN A CRITICAL SITUATION. HOPEFULLY A FILTHY RICH HUMAN HELPS.. If it so dangerous for poor people then why politics party holds rally that the time is not dangerous first tell the minister not to hold public meetings if they cares for people. You and your lying organization should solve these problems for the billions you earn. Must act together. Together we fight covid – 19. Useless peoples are hearing,carry on Tedross.. WHO should arrange to deliver Covid medicine to seriously ill patients through out world so that precious lives could be saved.. Every thing clean and use safty first time ever were gonna get checking really good

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