Vagected: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

Its a Friday evening and you are out at a bar with one of your great girlfriends. You both scan the area for ideal bachelors and conclusion along with your sight fixated on the same guy. This will be a predicament in which “we noticed him very first” does not apply.

What exactly would you do? Will you compete keenly against your own friend because of this people’s interest?

If this scenario contains two males, we might end up being referring to a potential penis block. But it is between two women. Suppose in the interests of argument whenever females vie against both, its known as being “vagected.”

Tonight provides ready precedence.

Normally, you and your friend have badly various style in males — which has made you an admirable side ladies type team.

The man across the space — dressed in thin denim jeans, Dr. Martens, a cable tv knit sweater vest and horn-rimmed spectacles — is actually an anomaly, a fantastically gorgeous anomaly. He could be the actual only real man you’d previously “vagect” over.

Become ladies.

You and your buddy haven’t decided whether or not to give up or lace up your boxing gloves. Listed here is some information to help you decide.

Act like females. That’s right. Do not be very childish you let this perfect sample choose some less-deserving feminine.

Concur that both of you wish him hence the greater girl shall prevail.

Permit him pick.

Walk arm-in-arm over to this person, look politely, bat your eyelashes and provide to buy him a microbrew or play a game of share. Act like multiple adult women without an underlying plan to discover which of you he’s even more into. It needs to be quite clear.

You need to be ready that after every one of the energy, he might not fancy either of you. Or he will catch to the simple fact that you are both keen on him and recommend a threesome. Silly kids!

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