Cross god surrounded by your glory poster

Cross god surrounded by your glory poster

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Archina HugginsIt’s not normal and u know it , no human rights in all21 . Patrick PelletierRights includes the right to bear arms.Pretty sure the UN stands against people being able to stand up to oppressive regimes, considering who they have on the human rights commission26 . Trevor BourgeoisThe only reason I’m sick is tired of hearing about this crap It’s a Flu that’s It. They will not let it go why? Because the election is not over yet. The fake news media wants to keep the fear factor in place. Well we are not scared now what else you g… See more10 . Corey ReihhartCan you tell me why someone would move to another country live in an area of their country mates, not learn the language, not try to integrate and then complain to that country does not respect their culture and allow them to practice it.76 . Sandra Raven MillwardSo depopulation is the new normal?! People are awake to this plandemic. WHO and the elites lack any humane qualities. With your lies and fear mongering. Each of you will be met by karma. For all the deaths you caused by starvation, suicide etc12  Cross god surrounded by your glory poster

Cross god surrounded by your glory poster

Cross god surrounded by your glory poster A1

So proud of my city, Melbourne, Australia. We eradicated the virus with a 3 month lockdown. No more deaths or hospitals being swamped by too many sick people. Now the whole country is virtually virus free. Thanks to WHO and our government.. they’re going to start saying things like let us help you with all stick together but they’re really killing us too many people on the planet AI technology it’s going to replace us anybody pour it’s going to be murdered. Corona warsa is not a simple bit ters is not necasscary to worry because could. The health workers in the World Health Organization in Yemen, doctors, nurses, and service workers in isolation centers and cholera centers, did not receive salaries for nine months from April to December of the current year 2020. What are the reasons … See more. Thank you for still spreading awareness about this disease. Cross god surrounded by your glory poster

Cross god surrounded by your glory poster

Cross god surrounded by your glory poster A2

· 48:47
Pandemic couldn’t identifiy when cover and handle general next year….
· 8:03
I’m not giving any advice whatsoever only because I live in Sweden. Doing all I can stop spreading this disease..
· 12:32
Specially us African we are jocking this disease.
· 27:16
hehehrhhhh greeting all there doctors and the others…
Great join here more….
· 16:49
Good nutrition, adequate rest,effective exercise will keep you going……immunity boosting is the best way forward……
· 2:28
Second virus circulating in U.K. new Covid strain spreading faster than the first Covid 19 virus.
· 24:13
Donating plasma is pulling out the vaccines I’ve had in my life, and I feel better, my foot doesn’t hurt as much.
· 35:30
I’ve heard there has been an increase in covid deaths in Nigeria…. any truth to this?.
· 41:19
We are are very much aware and ready to work with the World health organization

Cross god surrounded by your glory poster A3